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Grams & Krieger: Photos

Danny Krieger
Steve Grams, photo by Dino Russolli
Berger Center, photo by John Sepp
Berger Center, photo by JOHN SEPP
Border Legend Mr. Long John Hunter, photo by Alex Flores
At Jim Brady's Recording Studio with legendery jazz drummer JIMMY COBB, photo by Chuck Goldschmid
With our other drummer, JIMMY COBB.  Photo by Chuck Goldschmid.
SG returns to his roots,  photo by Mike Potash
Cafe Bellaluca, Truth or Consequences,NM (photo courtesy of
With Bo Diddley, 1983.
Candye Kane at the Club Congress. photo by Chuck Goldschmid
On the leaward side of Guernsey, the Channel Islands, with BAD NEWS BLUES, 2007.
Blues on the River, Rotterdam, NL, June, 2007, with tenor monster Wouter Kiers sitting in!
(L to R) Frenchmen Julien Brunetaud & Fabrice Bessouat, with Hurricane Carla Brownlee at the French Quarter.  photo by Chuck Goldschmid.
Blues on the River, Rotterdam, NL, 2004.
SG, Juke Joint Johnny Strasser, Chris Leonard, and DK: Nonie's last night, "Bacon Fat" takes on Mel Gibson.  Photo by Chuck Goldschmid
Bacchus in Aalsmeer (by Chris "LP" de Gans)
Apeldoorn (by Peter Vroon)
At Bacchus, photo by Marcel van Bree
Apeldoorn (by Peter Vroon)
No You! (by Nanny Kajuiter)
With Teddy Morgan (guitar) and Richard Medek at the Rock Bend Folk Festival, 2003 (by Bwana)
He's always been a relaxed bass player.  Of course he's relaxed:  HE'S ASLEEP!!!!!!!! (by Peter Vroon)